The count of monte cristo


Hello 🙂

Today I wanted to compare we need to talk about Kevin book to the movie, but I’ve decided to write a short review about the count of monte-cristo, the book which changed my life.

I was quite surprised when I found out, not lots of people have heard about it, that’s really surprising, because I though everyone have read it, I mean everybody! So, I guess it’s because this book is very important for me. Well, if you haven’t read it yet, just go and read it. just simply go and read it!

The story is about 19 years old Edmond dantess, who is happy. He is about to become the captain of the ship and the husband of beautiful girl, his best friends sell him out, and he is thrown in dungs for Fourteen years, where he escapes and arises as the powerful, wealthy count of monte cristo, who is seeking revenge for those, who once wronged him.

This book has everything I mean absolutely everything it is fast passed, has great plot, which isn’t very common for the classic book and, actually has quite good twists, you can never yawn with boredom, which is also very common for lots of book, and you may keep up all night, just to find out how the story is going to end.

and romance… Well, do you remember her beautiful fiancee? she married to his best friend who sold him out, what a drama! You even get an epic love story, and family intrigues, which at one point, remind me Borgias, if you know that tv-show.

So, long story for short, this book is perfect! In every way, and I’m begging everyone, who hasn’t read it, go and start reading right now! Please!

Oh and forget to talk about it, there are several movie adaptations, but keep away! Don’t you watch it! Especially 2003 version, oh god, that’s just DISGUSTING! How they dare to ruin such a perfect book? I want to cry! 😥

Thank you.

My favorite Book couples

Hello again 🙂 I know it’s been only Seventeen hour since my last post, but today the day was so embarrassing I just couldn’t resist but to write the post which I always wanted to. Some of them aren’t actually couples, but I so want them to be 😦

Nathan and Gabriel

My babies 😥 I’m crying !!! What Sally had done to you, just give me a sec, I’m crying.

Nathan byrn and Gabriel boutin are my number one couple, because their romance is so beautiful, though slow passed, we’ve been waiting for two books it to happen and for what? Not good Sally green they deserved better ending than this!!! How can you create such a beautiful chemistry and than destroy so mercelessly? You have no heart!

The photo is taken from tumblr username: breadysetbird

Eleanor and park

There is one simple fact about me that nobody believes, I don’t like couples and especially straight couples! They are so boring! And I didn’t know why I started reading the book maybe because I was running out of reading material, I don’t know, I just know that this is the cutest straight couple I’ve ever read and the book is the most lovely thing you’ll ever read! If you haven’t already. They are so lovely, despite that Eleanor’s obnoxiousness, their romance is just perfect! They are perfect!

The picture is taken from rainbow rowwel’s web-site

Master elodin and Auri

In the picutre only Elodin is drawn but you can enjoy with this beauty 😍 and what kind of a girl deserves such perfection? The girl whose real name we don’t know, and is nicknamed as Auri, (means moon because she’s beautiful) and the one who refuces to speak with anyone including him, but trust me, when you read the name of the wind, you’ll ship these two just like I do.

This masterpiece is created by Amy Winterbreeze

Bast and Kvothe

Another couple from the name of the wind, and I don’t really like Bast, however, their relationship is so affectionate, Bast loves Kvothe so much, you just can’t resist but to shit them, yet there is an obstacle Bast is 200 years old Fae and he has hooves instead of feet and Kvothe is his  master. Real romantic right?

The photo is by Patrick o Bryan I think :/

Draco and Hermione

Oh please I need these two together, please! I love Dramione they would be so perfect 😦 why J K Rowling why? Draco is so much better than Ron. I just ugh!!!! I love them, they need to be together 😦

I believe that’s all. I’ve read twilight, divergent, matched, delirium, Percy Jackson, hush-hush, the selection but nah! None of them made really sense. So who are your favorite couples let me know in the comments 😉 

Letter to Hannah Baker

I just finished reading Thirteen reasons why, I was very hardened by emotions and didn’t know what to do, didn’t want to write a review so I’ve decided to write a letter to Hannah, so let’s beggin.

Dear Hannah Baker,

You are an idiot!

I would have gladly addressed this letter as letter to an idiot,  but I believe in hell or in heaven where your bones are rotting will be lots of idiots, so it’ll be better to make things easier, so, first things first you are an idiot!

Surprised? Are you heartbroken? Are your eyes filling with tears, or neither? Well none of this matters because you are dead, and you will never be able to read this letter or to find out how the others reacted to the recorders that you’ve sent, and what if I tell you that if they cared about your reasons and if they blamed themselves for your suicide, they will be as idiots as you are?

Am I too harsh? You’ve just proved that you are a girl who cries like a baby when she is facing a problem,  a girl who looks to the world through rosed glasses and can’t understand that world is a cruel place. Thanks for proving my theory btw, world is a place for strong people, there is no place for weak like you are, so, others might say about you oh poor girl they were so cruel to her, nobody tried to save her, but nobody is suppose to save you, nobody is ought to take care of you, you are the girl who thinks she is the center of the world, a selfish little girl who thinks world is full of cupcakes and rainbows, well sorry Hannah it’s not.

I can never understand you Hannah and you know why? I’ve been abused mentally (and not only with that) by my family and my classmates for Ten years so I can understand how do you feel, but can I show some compassion? No! Absolutely not! What you wanted to prove with your suicide, that look what you’ve done to me, now please feel sorry about it for the rest of your lives? Well they won’t, and all you did with your suicide is that, you run away from your problems. That’s it. You are very weak Hannah.

Please don’t be idiot in the after life, why you didn’t think that high school one day would be over? Why you wanted others to notice how bad you were, because you are something special? Only little kids believe that! Trust me, people are dealing much worse things that you are, but some of us decide to do something about it, and not just run away from a problem!

So I hope wherever you are you realized what a stupid you were. I hope you understood that suicide is never an option and that the world doesn’t resolve around you, I hope others don’t make you as a role model. I really hope some other people would learn from your example, and they will never make same mistakes as you did.

I know I’m too harsh, but these are the things somebody had to say to you, so sorry, not sorry at all!


The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Hey again 🙂 I’ve decided to write two posts in a week and since I love this short story so much and there is not much review about it, I’ve decided to fix that injustice.

The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a short story written by Robert Louis Stevenson. The story is about the friend of Dr Jekyll and who wants to find what is wrong with his friend, since he develops peculiar bounding with hideous person called Edward Hyde. During the story Dr Jekyll becomes wicker, while Hyde is getting stronger and soon he starts killing innocent people. Soon after Dr Jekyll dissapears and the courtain falls down when dr hekyll’s letter is found. 

Well, since I’m sure there is not much sense in not spoiling readers, I’ll try my best not to do it. And simply say what I loved about it and what I didn’t.

At first the whole story sounded like an unsuccessfully attempted detective, it seemed to me writer couldn’t open the whole plot and everything ended way too fast. I wish it were an actual book and not a short story. Just like Stephen kind’s children of the corn it would have been much better, so one big minus is that it is a short story.

We don’t have enough time to connect with characters, however, you can feel something toward Dr Jekyll till very end, it’s up to reader whether it will be a disgust or compassion.

Edward Hyde represents the dark side that is within us. Or that’s what I believe, the story sets in the Victorian England, where everything was so pricesely perfect, sometimes even being perfect gets little too much and that is the time when our dark side comes to the surface.

Despite its weaknesses, the story has some good sides. The last letter for example, it was the best part in the whole plot, the last redeemed the whole plot dare I say. The idea is interesting and book has good aura, but, as I said I wanted more. It wasn’t enough.

I still don’t get it why it is horror, it’s not horror more like triller. And you know, there are some movie adaptations, but don’t waste your time on it. You can check musicales in YouTube they are pretty good.

So for me it’s 3.5 out of 5.

Picture perfect


Well Hello 🙂 It’s been a while right? Sorry, not sorry.

The problem is, I did’t have much enthusiasm to write posts on the blog, but then one I decided to change my mind, I always knew one day my blog would be more organized and that day has come. I’m sorry to inform that I had to delete of my recent posts, but, I’ll promise that I’m going to write posts once in a week. (That’s the promise for myself too. “sigh”)

So today, I’m going to write about geek girl part three, it’s called Picture perfect. I don’t know why, because personally I can’t tolerate books with dumb characters, but I love geek girl very much, and whenever I am very angry, or sad, I re-read it.

As I mentioned before, picture perfect is the third part of geek girl series, currently it has Six parts and honestly I can’t wait to read all of them. The plot is simple, Harriet moves into a New-York, but you know, acclimatization and stuffs, and it’s hard to catch up with american life-style.

And honestly, Harriet (the main hero) isn’t harriet without her clumsiness, but being clumsy is one thing, however, being extremely idiot is another. I honestly have no idea, how can a girl whose IQ is 140 be so, dare I say, gullible? because my Eight year old sister acts more like an adult than her.

Frankly I wish I could say more about the plot, but I can’t, the only spark that it has is another boy, which I think is a banal trick for an authors, because stupid Harriet is already hard to bear, now love triangle? No please!

However, the book is very fun to read, and I enjoyed very much, can’t say it gave me a hard feelings, but author does use some tricks which I adore, for example, imagine the worst scenario that could have happened, yeah, she uses some of those tricks, but it doesn’t last for very long, which I’m absolutely ok with, otherwise It wouldn’t have been some light comedy book, but drama thriller. So, people if you hate your life right now, can’t stand your relatives, or just want to spend time with funny book, I recommend this one.

But, currently it is the least of my favorite parts, right now, my favorite part is the second one, misfit models, the point is, that the plot wasn’t good enough and love triangle is a defiantly the red flag to me.

I’m going to give it 3.5. stars at the end, and soon I’ll read the forth one.

Nick is flawless in every way.