Letter to Hannah Baker

I just finished reading Thirteen reasons why, I was very hardened by emotions and didn’t know what to do, didn’t want to write a review so I’ve decided to write a letter to Hannah, so let’s beggin.

Dear Hannah Baker,

You are an idiot!

I would have gladly addressed this letter as letter to an idiot,  but I believe in hell or in heaven where your bones are rotting will be lots of idiots, so it’ll be better to make things easier, so, first things first you are an idiot!

Surprised? Are you heartbroken? Are your eyes filling with tears, or neither? Well none of this matters because you are dead, and you will never be able to read this letter or to find out how the others reacted to the recorders that you’ve sent, and what if I tell you that if they cared about your reasons and if they blamed themselves for your suicide, they will be as idiots as you are?

Am I too harsh? You’ve just proved that you are a girl who cries like a baby when she is facing a problem,  a girl who looks to the world through rosed glasses and can’t understand that world is a cruel place. Thanks for proving my theory btw, world is a place for strong people, there is no place for weak like you are, so, others might say about you oh poor girl they were so cruel to her, nobody tried to save her, but nobody is suppose to save you, nobody is ought to take care of you, you are the girl who thinks she is the center of the world, a selfish little girl who thinks world is full of cupcakes and rainbows, well sorry Hannah it’s not.

I can never understand you Hannah and you know why? I’ve been abused mentally (and not only with that) by my family and my classmates for Ten years so I can understand how do you feel, but can I show some compassion? No! Absolutely not! What you wanted to prove with your suicide, that look what you’ve done to me, now please feel sorry about it for the rest of your lives? Well they won’t, and all you did with your suicide is that, you run away from your problems. That’s it. You are very weak Hannah.

Please don’t be idiot in the after life, why you didn’t think that high school one day would be over? Why you wanted others to notice how bad you were, because you are something special? Only little kids believe that! Trust me, people are dealing much worse things that you are, but some of us decide to do something about it, and not just run away from a problem!

So I hope wherever you are you realized what a stupid you were. I hope you understood that suicide is never an option and that the world doesn’t resolve around you, I hope others don’t make you as a role model. I really hope some other people would learn from your example, and they will never make same mistakes as you did.

I know I’m too harsh, but these are the things somebody had to say to you, so sorry, not sorry at all!



2 thoughts on “Letter to Hannah Baker

  1. theorangutanlibrarian says:

    Ahh I frickin’ love that you did this!! And I secretly thought someone needed to tell her that the world doesn’t revolve around her and that the world is a tough place- so suck it up! Plus her “problems” weren’t really problems at all. For me, though, it wasn’t just that she was weak, but that she used her suicide to go after other people and make them feel guilty- WHO DOES THAT?! Isn’t it bad enough that people already blame themselves for people committing suicide- why would this book encourage that?

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    • Emily says:

      I’m so glad you agree with me! Yeah I think book had utterly wrong message, it didn’t say suicide is never an option it said treat people kindly or they will kill themselves 🙂 haven’t seen the tv-show yet.


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