The summer is ended and we aren’t yet saved


Do you like horror stories? If the answer is just yes, keep away from this book.

So the title is very intriguing, it gives the impression of a classic horror story, such as sleepaway camp movie, but without any twist.

Basically, the book starts with a delivery scene, where pregnant girl wishes to slit throat to her doctor. That’s the scene where we met Martin’s mom, the most twisted character I’ve ever read about. She is basically insane, but also the very sweet mother. Martin is a normal boy, whose mother is in love with horror movies. (Which mother allows her 12-year-old son to watch horror movies with her? I’m envious!) Now she gets offered to work with a super popular horror movie, and Martin is sent to the summer camp. Everything is nice, except, well, this is a horror novel.

My thoughts about this story aren’t very clear. At first, I wanted some twist, because it is obvious the book was inspired by sleepaway camp, yet nothing similar. You don’t get that shocking naked Angela bakers scene, you’ll get nothing similar. But on the other hand, it is very atmospheric, and certainly very intense to read. Basically, that’s the purpose of a horror novel right? To make you scary! Stephen King doesn’t scare audience I think, he just makes them say ugh, but this book… Oh god, this is the most twisted minded book I’ve ever read. Not that, nobody gets the happy ending, you just have to be horror addicted to manage reading through the whole story.

At the end, I’m going to give 3.5, just because it is the only horror novel that actually scares you.



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