My favorite book characters

Hey everyone ^_^

Today I wanted to write down some of my favorite characters, both from Classic, ya or adult. Shortly form every genre.

  1. Master Elodin


Master Eldoin, is the character from the name of the wind by patrick rotfuss, and god he’s just awersome! He’s smart, sassy, handsome and actually openly tells his students that they need to have sex 😀 (Yeah, that one of the best moments from the wise man’s fear)

The art belongs to Ignacio Morales

2. Edmond Dantess


Edmon Dantess is the main character of the Count of Monte-Cristo. He is my role model. A man who took what he had to, but when his time came, he made his move! and this picture Is from Anime I think? Pardon me, I just googled it and decided to use this one. I mean this picture perfectly expresses his two sides.

3. Juliet


Yes that girl, from classic romantic love story, where every man is a hero, every girl is a fair maiden and vulnuareble, but just look at Juliet! She’s only 13, but look how unruly she is! In the time, where girls believed to be properties of their fathers, she dared to go against her family, and follow her own will! I think Sheakspear was faminist, and not sexist, but that’s another topic. Juliet is one of the under-rated characters, in the era of strong female characters. She’s more unrly than Romeo, and there is one detail that I think is neglected by anyone. So, take attention how Romeo commited suicide and how did Juliet. Romeo drank poison, (painless death) and Juliet put a dagger through her heart. Juliet wasn’t afraid of physical pain, while Romeo was I believe. Otherwise, why he didn’t kill himself with cold dagger?!

4. Tris Prior


Beatris (Tris) Prior is the protagonist of Divergent trilogy. Most of the YA book follows the magic circle. The girl falls inlove, she’s meek, vunlureble and few chapters later, she turns into a superhero. However, very the beggining Trist is very strong, but she hides her strength in the sake of her own family! great sacrifice, and she doesn’t actually transforms into a superhero. She is what she is, she just starts to reveal her true strength. So, I adore Tris!

The photo belongs to kim-beurre-lait

5. Elias Veturius


OMG I love this boy! He is one of the main characters, from ember in the ashes (Absolutely magnificent book series!) and he is grown to be a killer, he is trained to be a cold hearted killer, but somehow he is not. He stayed what he really is, not to a monster, but to the decent human being. I love Elias for his strength, for his kindness, for being so pure! It is impossible not to love him! (there is also another character Laia, but god I despise her! She’s like one of those girls, who transform into a superhero, without having any belivable excuse.)

This photo is taken from An ember in the ashes wiki page. BTW read that book, I recooment it!

So what are you favorite book characters? let me know in the comments below 😉


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